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Originally Posted by wbbnm View Post
I must be missing something. It seems like the ~$75 you would have to pay Garmin to buy City Navigator and then use it in BaseCamp or Mapsource would be well worth the money given the difficulty and frustrations people are encountering trying to get this job done in Google Maps.

I have been using it for years. I have given up trying to navigate off-pavement with routes. I convert the routes to tracks and use those for navigation.
I couldn't agree more. There is a market for a better solution.

I use my gps mainly for two functions. 1) I wander around in Google Maps or MapQuest looking for interesting roads, which eventually leads into stitching a route together. I have not been able to do this in Basecamp. It has been my experience that once you zoom in enough to see the roads less travelled you loose the bigger picture of where the roads lead to. Having to zoom in and out to just too tedious for me. I'm able to do this with GM & MQ with minimal zooming. This is my main reason for using MQ as the starting point for building routes. 2) I'm not always following a route. After I have explored an area I will use Basecamp to view where I went. This provides me with a reference as to which roads I enjoyed in that area. I make note of these for future reference. That plus sometimes a planned group ride changes enroute and this also allows me to create an accurate ride report of where we really went that day.

Of course, this is just my way of using my gps. I would like to hear what process other inmates use. I like to teach others what I know, but I also like to learn from others....I'm always looking for ways to improve.
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