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Originally Posted by DiabloADV View Post
Since the CBR250R cruises nicely at 75, I'd imagine 85 would be no problem on the 500X.

The power required to increase speed rises with the cube of the speed increase*

85mph is 1.13 times 75mph. 1.13^3 = 1.44.

To go 13% faster, you need 44% more power. The 500X will have about 80% more power than the 250R.

*this is for wind resistance only. Rolling resistance of the tires increases linearly with speed, but that change is a relatively small effect at freeway speeds. It's almost all about wind...
I have skimmed the thread, but didn't catch an HP reference. I wonder where this bike fits in the continuum between a KLR and a Wee-Strom, in terms of happiness on the highway?

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