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Originally Posted by mrprez View Post
I would think that between your maps and the GPS that you will soon find that keeping up with the roll charts to be pretty tedious. I like what you've done with the Benchmark maps, I may copy that as sometimes I find it necessary to modify my route a bit. For instance when leaving CO and going into UT, I stayed in Dove Creek and bypassed Monticello the next day. This required a reroute to get from Dove Creek to the TAT route heading north into Moab. Once I got my GPS issue resolved, I had no problems following my route at all.
I agree that the roll chart seems like it could be tedious,that's why I numbered each turn on the gps to match the roll charts #,so if I needed to confirm a tricky part I can just "roll" to it quickly. I really like using maps especially these atlas',but it's such a pain to get off the bike,unpack the maps just to check one turn-thus the gps.
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