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Originally Posted by woofer2609 View Post
10w 40 full synthetic should be fine, I'm pretty sure there isn't a crush washer on the drain plug, I've always just tightened to spec ( 7.1ft/lb's IIRC) and never had an issue. Just check the condition of the o-ring on both the drain plug and oil filter cover New o-rings are usually not needed, there are no gaskets. Both DOT 3 or 4 are fine for brakes.

I carry this in the black cordura multi pocketed tool kit:
10mm x 1/4" socket
12, 13,14, 15, 18mm x 3/8" sockets
5 and 6mm Allen bolt sockets
Full set of 1.5-10mm Allen Wrenches
Multi tool/knife
Multi bit screwdriver
Zip ties
Duct tape on 18mm socket
Lock nut/spoke wrench
8-10mm open ended wrench
Crescent wrench
Various cotter and widgeon pins
missing chain link
spark plug wrench
spare key
elbow socket
4" extension bar
double headed short handle 3/8" and 1/4" ratchet
Box of spare allen and hex bolts
hose clamps
ear plugs
inner tube patch kit

In another tool tube I carry:

2 tire irons
2 motion pro tire spoons
zip ties
clutch lever
brake lever
aluminum spray tube of Windex
bicycle air pump (not pictured, but in tool tube)

Above the headlight on the cowling I have mounted a small bag that carries two replacement tubes and a tire gauge.

I have never been at a loss for tools.
Thanks so much for that. Looks like I need to buy lots of tools and a rack for the back to hold them.

I'm also a Canadian in Socal, from the Toronto area. Could not handle the winter cold any longer.
I picked up the oil, new oil filter and the necessary o-rings.
I noticed that the oil filter is a new type to me, it's made of a metal mesh rather than paper.
I read that some people re-use their old oil filters.
What is the best way to clean the used oil filters. I've read that some use varsol, or gasoline, some use wd-40. What about using brake cleaner to clean the old oil filters?
The bike is used and the seller did not have a copy of the owners manual.
Is there any where online that I can download the owners manual?
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