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Originally Posted by leftystrat62 View Post
I've read of others using google earth to plot out the TAT, but I couldn't figure out how to do it. So what I have been doing it plotting each and every Longitude & Latitude coordinate (that is provided on the roll chart) in to basecamp as a waypoint (WP). It's VERY time consuming,but I'm pretty sure this will keep me on Sam's actual course of travel-which should be helpful in NV & OR--I hope.
I do mapping using Google Maps. AFAIK here are ways of converting kml/kmz files into gpx, but I've never done it. GMaps works great for me.

I map out sections of a ride in Google Maps, then use a bookmarklet from here which gives an XML/GPX format text dump of the route. I open a scratch gpx file I use for this workflow, dump in the XML, and open it with Mapsource. I haven't used BaseCamp, but I imagine you could use it the same way.

What this gets me is a high resolution track of what I want to map out, without me having to screw around with the horrible pen tools in Mapsource. When making them for the TAT I used the roll chart as it is easy to check the distances in Google Maps (though they are sometimes off by a few tenths).

If I come to a road which is not route-able by Google Maps, I export everything up to that point and just manually draw the lines in Mapsource. I've mapped every part of the TAT this way (except Oregon) and only ran into this problem 3 or 4 times. Oregon is another story, as pretty much every map I've been able to lay hands on (mostly digital ones) are a horrible mess of logging roads and it's hard to sort it out. Hopefully the newer maps Sam made are a little better and easier to decipher.

If I ever opt to do the portions I haven't hit yet (from Salina, UT westward), I'll probably buy the new maps if only to get Oregon sorted out.
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