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Originally Posted by maverick1 View Post
Thanks so much for that. Looks like I need to buy lots of tools and a rack for the back to hold them.

I'm also a Canadian in Socal, from the Toronto area. Could not handle the winter cold any longer.
I picked up the oil, new oil filter and the necessary o-rings.
I noticed that the oil filter is a new type to me, it's made of a metal mesh rather than paper.
I read that some people re-use their old oil filters.
What is the best way to clean the used oil filters. I've read that some use varsol, or gasoline, some use wd-40. What about using brake cleaner to clean the old oil filters?
The bike is used and the seller did not have a copy of the owners manual.
Is there any where online that I can download the owners manual?
You following me?

I am from Toronto as well... I must warn you I have a no stalking policy... Unless you are a hot chick! So are you from actual Toronto or just say Toronto because no one has heard of anything else around there? Met a girl last week from North Bay who says Toronto because no one knows where North Bay is...

Anyhow we do not live too far apart and should get together for some brews and riding... Maybe riding then brews to be safe!
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