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Originally Posted by Muddler View Post
All true, but I suppose if we are after a 80/20% road/dirt bike, we should just buy the Strada. That's what I don't quite get. The 16Xkg is ok if it means it can carry a load, but I can't get past the sub-200mm travel. Given we have the Strada for road performance, I think the Terra should at least match the KLR's travel. Hopefully for Mark 2?..
I agree that the Strada is an 80/20% road/dirt bike but I think the point of the Terra is that it is a 65/35% road/dirt bike and Husky hopes that it will successfully compete with the KLR in dual sport sales - and I think it will. It's 22 pounds lighter than the 2013 KLR and has comparable suspension travel; the KLR has 0.4 inches more travel in the forks but 0.2 inches less at the rear. These figures are close enough that the determining factors as to which works best are the bikes weight and how well the suspension components work. The Terra is 22 pounds lighter and I think it probably has better quality suspension, so I'd give the nod to the Terra in this category. As far as hwy riding is concerned, the Terra has drastically more HP than the KLR and the reports so far are that it is very smooth and capable on the asphalt, so once you're back on the pavement I think the Terra will be significantly better than the KLR. I have a couple of friends, very experienced riders, who routinely ride their KLRs over B single track trails. I think the Terra will do just as well on these trails as a KLR but I think you'd have more difficulty trying to ride them on a Strada and for that reason I'm opting for the Terra.

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