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Originally Posted by SchizzMan View Post
Hey Paul,

Orvar, from Sweden, should be crossing into Mexico tomorrow on his way to TDF. I heard there was a freighter taking bikes from Panama to Colombia but have no info to give him. Have you heard about this? StahlRat is booked during his trip so he'll have to air ship or try this freighter.


i met an English guy about a week back who caught a freighter from Turbo (Col) to Colon (Pan), he said the captain had no problems carrying bikes but had nothing to do with the clearing at either end, it was $320 inclusive and south to north it was ten days, and north to south it would be at least 20 days...the guy said he found out about it on a thread, so i'm guessing its buried somewhere in HU's 60,000 thread pages

he did say that there were plenty of ships in the port that when questioned seemed OK to carry a bike but not many to also allowing you on as a passenger

one thing that people might want to know is the Stahlratte will not be around forever, the foundation that owns it is considering a move, they were very open about talking about the subject of the move, so i guess they will make an official announcement about it when the decision is made, but that would mean no more motorcycles as the 150 people in the foundation struggle to get on the Rat right now and they want to sail to new places
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