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Wicked Old Red Turbo Beater update

been working on her for a while......tore those 4 carbs down and slowly cleaned each one, every little orifice and glory hole..had to remove from rack to thoroughly was hard to find interconnecting pipe seals of the right size....bought new intake rubberized manifolds on both all the jets out and cleaned, one had to be reverse drilled out...laid bike over to access the turbo and exhaust collector and found lots of rusted bolts. Now working on getting the bolts off to tear apart turbo and inspect...found out the old Dodge/Mitsubishi Colt or Mitsubishi Challenger turbo from the 1980s has just about the same turbo in case mine is shot. Cold, wet, rainy here in Soylent Green Land ( aka L.A.), so I'm just slowly getting rebuild done....engine is superb with 160psi each cylinder, frame straight, wheels great, exhaust pipes great, fairing good but needs repair--repainting in new scheme, carbs getting done, etc..
I found that the FJ1100 triple clamps are a virtually perfect fit by changing bottom bearing to a smaller outside diameter one----I wanted much beefier forks and beefier brakes so I went to FJ1100/1200 and discovered it really is no problem to swap them in EXCEPT--- I forgot that the damn FJ forks had CLIP ON style bars---which I I might weld on mx handlebar riser bottom clamps onto the top of the FJ triple clamp to return to a decent upright sitting position so you can ACTUALLY CONTROL the bike......"sports bikes"--uugghh-- who the hell wants to drive around town stretched out over a fuel tank like an idiot who put on his ape hangers horizontally instead of vertically--- like a true moron does? My KLR650s and other enduro/adventure bikes give you an upright warning VIEW of the car driver idiots so you can maneuver around them and avoid, being on top of the bars gives you more leverage and quicker reaction time...with an added possible chance to fly OVER a car instead of flying INTO or UNDER it if slammed into one...might just be a life saving trick...anyway, I want this fully restored turbo to be an enjoyable ride, not a torture machine....but with this crappy weather I probably wont finish this turbo beater until spring....still need to gather new stainless aircraft quality tubing, vacuum hoses, stainless bolts, fresh wiring, painting supplies, fiberglass repair kit, and misc odds and ends.....this bike will shine when done........
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