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Day 2 was back on the Stahlratte and off to a smaller island in Carti for a BBQ and some chilling out for the rest of the day

Day 3 a sea day, it was slow going with swells ranging from 10 to 20 feet, the Stahlratte was getting thrown all over the place, people were getting very sick, the Captain FiFi, (LULU is on vacation) said it was the worst he can remember...lucky us

Day 4 the sea was still very rough, but to make things worse the engine failed, it burned up an exhaust valve when we were 60 miles from Cartagena, I was called over and asked if it would be possible for me to weld up the problem, I did this the first time but the pressure from the motor blew another hole in the valve, two hours later I re-welded the valve and this time the engine could build enough pressure to run but only at about 50% power so we sailed very slowly towards Cartagena and arrived one day late, (new engine parts were ordered once we reached the dock) and of course just late enough to miss customs for clearance, so an extra day is now scheduled in Cartagena
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