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Originally Posted by eepeqez View Post
That wock looks a bit big to thwow at a wascally wabbit when your wifle won't work.

Is that really a roundabout in North America?
Don't be dissing Elmer Fudd now!

There are a lot of round-a-bouts in the US. Tons here around St George, UT, including this one in Ivins, UT.

I know Portland, OR has quite a few as well, mostly smaller ones though. It's becoming a popular method to slow traffic in neighborhoods w/o stop signs. Often an excuse for artistic community works around here, placed in the middle of the "roundie" as the locals call them.

But the tag is R's, as in two or more, so can be anything... Round Robbin, Red Rambler, Rocky Road, A street sign with a R name and some other R... Have some fun and be creative.
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