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One more time: US and EU hp will be different. The bike is designed for the new EU regs, or 47 hp. In the US, the number in the press is 54 hp. Don't know how you missed this discussion - it has been quite long - or maybe it was in the Road Warriors thread on the CB500's.

My 1976 CB500T cruised at 85 mph with only 42 hp and 465 lbs. wet. There was a lot of buffeting due to a lack of a fairing, but no inability to cruise due to a lack of power. And since the new Hondas are all emulating the BMW F800s with respect to lower power and higher fuel economy from a given displacement, don't expect an acceleration rocketship and you won't be disappointed.

These discussions of "will it cruise at X mph?" always puzzle me. Anything more than a 250cc bike will do just fine, well over any US speed limit. Will it be a ZX-14? Of course not. But it will be fine. Of more importance are how the ergonomics fit you, do you like the saddle and the bars, and what luggage will fit.
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