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Ok, then...back to the Subaru Show!

Originally Posted by drc42 View Post
Anyway... Paul, been curious on what you are packing for spares and supplies. Will be interesting to see. Going to be a tough tradeoff between being fully prepared vs. too much weight. Probably a very good move going with the wagon, space is going to be an issue to I bet. By the time you have 2 spare wheels, probably some control arms, a whole lotta tools, consumables (oil, coolant, filters...) and who knows what else it is going to get tight in there. That is if the plan is still to not have a chase vehicle that can carry some stuff for you.

Doug, I'm working on the spares and supplies list and it will be interesting to see There may be a bivouac chase vehicle at the least. Luke has alluded to this in the M1K thread. Luke's Desert CB and the Subaru are both being run under the Outta Sight banner, so between the two of us, we should be able to have supplies/parts/goodies waiting for us at the Bivouac, even if we are responsible for getting our asses down to them! But of course, OSR members will do what we can to help our friends out along the way!

Of course, in the Mexican 1000, or any multi-stage rally (especially multi-day), navigation, pit strategy and chase strategy can prove to be just as, or even more important than how fast you run on the special stages, and we spend a lot of time working on that aspect and it has proven to work for OSR. However, we probably won't be sharing every exact detail online, as I'm sure you can understand

An example of our high-tech, navigational planning from last year:

I think this might be David's last installment on the motor build....but he will be here with more as we discover and work through issues:

Once the case halves are bolted together and pistons installed, the hard part is done. All the thinking and planning on the critical insides is complete. It is just another hour or two to put all the externals on. We did upgrade the oil pump to a high volume unit. Subaru dealers usually have these on the shelf. We also used a high volume water pump. When it is all together, it looks like an average 2.2 liter engine, except it's not.

Oops, wrong motor. This one is for my other customer with real money!

Altogether I think we have about $1700 in the whole job. It should put out 1,000 H.P. but it won't. It would do well to hit 200. A stock engine is 165 @ 5600 RPM.

In an automotive application, where it only requires 15 to 35 hp to cruise 60 mph with an rpm generally around 2400, why would Paul want gobs of horsepower when his average speed will be 40 mph with occasional bursts to 140 mph?

And that is how he left this last installment. What a douche.

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