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Originally Posted by ungeheuer View Post
Hmmm... I've been staring at my rear suspension, thinking... and rethinking.

And I do believe you may be right.. and I was.. *cough* ...perhaps ... um..... wrong.

Which makes me wonder.... where's the trade-off??

Why isn't this simple and inexpensive modification the default method of raising the rear end?
I would like to know this as well....

Not being a mechanical guy, and having read all that I can find - and made blind assumptions - I would offer that a) most people want shorter bikes and b) (if I interpret what I have read correctly, and this is far from certain) it might put slightly more stress on that joint/hinge system.

If people are going to manufacture and sell a custom part, it pays to focus on where the masses want to buy, ie longer links resulting in shorter bikes.

I am with you on this issue, would love to add an inch or so to my seat height and wouldn't mind more ground clearance so I might have to find someone to help me with making some inexpensive links to experiment with before doing it correctly with more rugged components. I'm 6'5" and nearly 280lbs (dry weight) so durability will eventually be a concern.

I am open to feedback and thoughts
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