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Years back when I was working at a dealership we had a kid who rode a rough looking Virago 750 circa 82, who had no right arm (gone from the shoulder). He did it no problem, clutch, brake, throttle on the left side.. There is currently a one armed flattracker racing AMA Pro-Am races.

We also did an 89 Gold Wing (reverse proven after a year on the market) set up with a side car using integrated braking and hand shifter (he got impatient, I wanted a pnumatic or electric selenoid shifter) for a T6 paraplegic. I set up the single hand lever braking for the three calipers, he had the sidecar builder set up brackets in the sidecar to hold his broken down wheel chair. He could pull himself up on the seat, the would pop the wheels off the light weight chair, tucking them in the sidecar, then collapse the chair and fit it in the car too. The tonneau cover snapped down over the sidecar seat area and off he went. Rode all over the country with that rig.

I also saw a sweet shifter set up a Gold Wing rider did using his on-board compressor. He pressurized the engine guard tubing, had the compressor set up to switch on and off at given pressures. He then had a pneumatic/electric shifter set up that operated off the clutch disengagement switch. He had a dual pole dual throw switch (I think that's the right designation) that would work the upshift when flipped up and downshift when flipped down. It was seriously trick. I just wish I'd have taken a closer look when I had the chance. Of course there are now kits used by chopper guys who want to do away with cables and levers.

Just some of what I've seen and helped with to let people know it is out there.
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