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Originally Posted by mfp4073 View Post
Paper towels will scratch plexi when dry. I have a cotton t shirt that I cut up in my mud room/gear area that gets used, into the washing machine then back again.
I guess I wasn't quite clear defining what I do. I use the paper towel to soak off the bugs, not wipe off the visor. I use tissues or toilet paper - much softer - to dry the visor either after the paper towel soak or after washing by hand under running water with dish soap. Sometimes I may pat dry with a towel or paper towel, but I don't wipe with either.

The entire point is I do not "rub" anything on the visor other than slghtly watered down soap under any normal circumstances. I squirt on the soap, add some very light water and slather it about with my hand. I let it soak in quite a bit and then slather around more, trying to work off the bugs with the soap soak, not rubbing. That is why I don't use any kind of spray on stuff, you end up rubbing the shield with the bug guts and bodies which can be quite abrasive. As said, I've only bought like 2 shields in 20+ years. No starry effect in bright lights at night either.
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