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Doug, I'm working on the spares and supplies list and it will be interesting to see There may be a bivouac chase vehicle at the least. Luke has alluded to this in the M1K thread. Luke's Desert CB and the Subaru are both being run under the Outta Sight banner, so between the two of us, we should be able to have supplies/parts/goodies waiting for us at the Bivouac, even if we are responsible for getting our asses down to them! But of course, OSR members will do what we can to help our friends out along the way!

that picture sums up why I want to do this race again so bad. One oversight knocked me out of the race for the day and ruined any chance of a decent overall finish. Thanks again to LoudAL for convincing the local guy with the pickup truck to come rescue me, might still be there otherwise!

Context for those of you who don't know what the pic is about. That is me standing next to my bike with a shreded front wheel. Spokes evidently started to come loose on day 1, this was 8 miles from the end of the first stage of day 2. Cruising along on a fast straight gravel road the wheel pretty much self dissasembled itself. Very scary.

Moral of the story.... check your spokes often especially if they are new wheels!
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