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Originally Posted by rlhopt View Post
rode the old spanish trials and TY bikes since 1960 on single track trails in high mtns of ID and around and want to do some more in old age-66. have heavy dual sports. saw some in southern CO near Pueblo/salida where riders had cured three major comfort hurdles--low unpadded seat height for leg extension and more gas storage.

They added an aluminum gas tank above the stock sway-back modern trials bike and padded for seat. probably can be bolt on/off to retain trials integrity. So desire to start with newish 4 stroke trials with headlight about 150 pounds, add the gastank/seat, and maybe gear up slightly. may have to add some stator capability to run few more lights for minimal street legal lighting. hope to end up with something lightweight and torkey (sp), quiet and street legal enough for forest service roads, marginally comfortable and reach ground. want to ride difficult trails without tall, heavy bike. been the pedal route.

Doubt there any out there stock? comments or suggestions?
How important is it that it be a 4 stroke? The new Ossa Explorer sounds like exactly what you want, but its a FI 2 stroke. Worth a look, I think.
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