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@ ungeheuer & TinMan: As stated by TinMan, most riders want to LOWER their bikes, not make them even higher. With an inseam of 36+ inches this is no motivation for me. One probable reason for this solution not being standard might be the increasing progression the more you raise the rear compared to stock. So you need a stiffer spring for your weight, but canīt use most of the travel due to the spring hardening quickly.

But I will rebuild my DR over the winter and plan to start off with the raising links, but the stock spring, using 7.5w fork oil instead of the 10w currently in use. This way I will get more progression (stiffening the stock spring earlier than by the use ot the stock dogbones), but with the softer stock spring maybe can use more of the travel the bike has to offer - currently I probably donīt use more than half of it, which is not reasonable.

EDIT: The shorter dogbones are made from steel, stock is alloy. So durability should not be an issue. At 280 lbs you will have no choice but to install the 8.something-spring anyway. Doing so you will definitely need stiffer oil in your shock, too, to tame your rebound (that is near to nonexistent in stock form already and gets considerably worse, the stronger the utilized spring is).

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