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Originally Posted by AlpineGuerrilla View Post
A week ago, I made a trip to the other end of Switzerland to take a look at a Transalp.

It's a 1996 XL600V with 26500 km (or about 16500 miles) on the clock. The condition is pretty good with only a handful of small scratches. The technical parts are all new, tyres, chain, brakes, etc.

When I got there, he first had to get it out of the garage. It has been sitting there for a year and thus we had to jump start it.

I took it for a little spin up the next mountain road.

Of course I had to test out the offroad capability. Well, it's okay standing, but not yet comfortable for my 193cm (or 6'3).

What a great day to ride a Transalp.

Well, what can I say? I bought it and I can pick it up next weekend. My plans for winter are making the TA more offroad capable (primarily suspension, wider and heightened bar and better pegs)
Great place for a ride.
I think I would have been concerned about the oil or brake fluid(?) all over the rear disc and tire.
Please post more pictures to make those of us in this part of the world jealous.
If you get far enough away, you'll be on your way home.
Piss off, I'm in my Happy place.
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