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Originally Posted by ribmtrider View Post
I am ready to buy a new '11 fe390, my only reservation being that the closet dealer is 5 hrs away, and having a FI issue. Can I troubleshoot/reset the FI system w/o a scan tool? How about changing fuel mapping? Other than these unknowns with the FI I am ready to pick one up!
I bet I was thinking about buying the same bike you are. (About 3 hours away from me) If I didn't need to replace one of our cars it would be sitting in my garage now.

From what I heard and read most of the FI problems where in the earlier models. The later 2011 had fewer FI problems.

If it is the same dealer I talked to they said they would work with you and send you warrantied parts. Sounds like they sell a quite a few bikes to people that don't line in the area. That doesn't help you with remapping though. Maybe a KTM dealer would do that for you. Funny thing my local KTM shop said they would not work on them of sell parts for them.

I wish you where closer to me and you get it I would like to ride one.


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