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Originally Posted by Adv Grifter View Post
Just a few options:
1. Heavier springs front and rear
2. Possible NEW shock with adjustable ride height, correct spring and damping for your weight and riding style.
3. Foot Peg lowering kit: (Pro Cycle) gives tall guys more leg room.
4. Custom seat: with a 2 inch "tall guy" rise.
5. Possible aftermarket forks: these are typically LONGER than stock forks ... so helps with raising the whole bike UP. Be sure to balance rear height to match front.
6. Rising Link to raise rear up a bit.

Once correctly sprung I doubt you'll have ground clearance problems unless you're riding Enduros on your bike. The DR is not really a good technical trail bike. But for just about anything else it's not too bad.
#1 - done - by the previous owner - Racetech gold valves and heavier springs
#2 - done - also by the previous owner - Cogent rebuilt shock and spring
#3 - on my short list of new projects but doesn't really get the seat higher - I really liked the height of my son's DRZ, and that is sort of the impetus for this thought process
#4 - have a Renzaco seat, but It's not a "tall guy" version. It's a possible option down the road, but links would be a much cheaper option
#5 - mmmm yeah, a possible option. I see a lot of guys doing this, but probably past my level of confidence at the moment - and again, more expensive than shorter links I assume.
#6 - The reason for this conversation, and I am grateful for your input.

I really don't need more ground clearance - and I don't ever expect to ride my DR in an Enduro. It does everything that I want it to do quite well. And to be honest my riding ability is a far greater impediment to where I go than the capabilities of the bike. I just like a tall (Inexpensive and durable) bike.

Thank you for your input!

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