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Originally Posted by Emoto View Post
Mudcat: You could do that. But, the way the power cord kind of snaps into the AMPS Rugged Mount, it might be a little fiddly to deal with every time. I haven't tried it yet, but it might be easier to deal with loosening the security screw, you'll have to try and see what your preference is.
I don't keep my Montana or Zumo in the mount all the time because as long as it is in there, it is charging the battery, and I don't want that constant(?) drain on the bike's battery.
How can it be charging the battery when there is no external electrical power? There is only power to the mount when I turn on the ignition switch.
My Zumo rarely is removed from its cradle, only when I need to connect it to my home computer.
The power cord stays connected to the Mount, (cradle), all the time. When I remove the unit from my bike, I unplug the short power cord from the accessory port on my beak. Power cord, cradle, and Zumo are removed as one package and placed into a saddlebag or my room for the night.
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