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Hi Westy,

The engine with the new trans went back into the bike last weekend... It has had some dyno time over the weekend to dial in safe mixtures and a couple of hundred clicks on the road before going back to the dyno for final tuning and power runs... plus a couple more hours on the road. I am happy with it so far, but it remains to be seen how I get along with it in soft conditions.

The rationale behind the Nova for me was getting a sane 5th for highway cruising while still retaining the crawling ability of an acceptably low first and I am kind of surprised at your 15/44 gearing with this transmission and especially with a stock engine...

The gearing choices that I have made are 15/47 and 15/49 and the latter is currently fitted. Even with the 15/49 it is still pulling (in a common frame of reference for others) a slightly taller fifth than a stock transmission with 16/44 which is about as tall as I'd ever suggest going with a stock engine... that is about the point where, IMO, the bike starts to become over geared.
Hi Guys,

My ACT gear set arrived last week. Good service from the company.

After the Christmas break th egears are going in, so then I will comment about how it goes.

I am using 15/44 sprockets with the standard transmission 5th is about where I want it for my riding but 1st is too high for tight stuff. Dirk from ACT suggested I try 14/47 with the new gears, so I will try that and see how it feels, but I will try 14/44 first because I hate changing sprockets!
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