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Definitely real. Bulova Accutron 214 Spaceview. Looks like a stainless steel case, with no chapter ring, and chapter markers applied to the inside surface of the crystal. I would bet it's a 1970's model.

If you don't know much about the marvelous Calibre 214, you can read about it here.

My dad had one when I was a kid, a gold-filled case 214 Spaceview with chapter ring, that I have today. Listening to its 360Hz hum when he wore it always gave me comfort.

You can date your Accutron by looking at the date code stamped in the caseback. You'll see something like "M7" (in the case of mine), or N1.

M is 1960, so an M7 wristwatch was made in 1967. An N means 1970's. Probably 90% of the Accutrons you'll find are either M's or N's.

If you ever need servicing, this is an excellent resource.

Note also that the Accutron 214's are a lot louder now than they were when new. That's because battery cell voltages have climbed from 1.35V to 1.55V, as the old mercury cells were discontinued. The silver oxide 1.55V cells cause a greater excursion of the tuning fork vibrations, thus, it's "1" louder, isn't it? This can cause a significant problem noted as "double indexing," in which the wristwatch runs very fast to twice as fast as it should. If this happens to your 214, you should have the "diode fix" applied immediately. Martin Marcus talks about it here.

The Accutron 214 is a thing of beauty, and a significant evolutionary step in watchmaking. Always a conversation starter! Enjoy it!

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