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I spent the week earning parts money in Sioux Falls SD. Nice town, fun people, good eats and drinks. They go big for Xmas - light show is downtown, surrounding the falls. Back last night, just before today. Thank you for the lots of good ideas, haven't tried any of them yet. Not a fan of shopping but after yesterday's fn mess at Sandy Hook, walking around anywhere with my 12 year old sounded lucky.

Sioux Falls SD cell photo - it's beyond the lights.

Originally Posted by FriedDuck View Post
With all the talk about it, do you think the reg/rect is overheating? I haven't looked at it but if it's a part that's easily swapped you can borrow mine to see if it fixes the problem.
Could well be - it's a great lead. Have been reading alongat's thread from back in August with evening cocktail.

Digress - if you like such things, I highly recommend Herradura Reposado, fresh squeezed lime, Reed's ginger beer on rocks garnish with Jalapeņo.

May indulge on your offer to lend a temp test swap r/r; going to be making slow progress for the next few weeks with travel and such. It appears an easy change, may be one of the parts I replace regardless as it seems known and prone.

btw - thanks for the book rec on John Boyd You ffs who like fighter pilots, unsung heroes, game changing strategic thinkers or brash ball busters might enjoy this too: "Why die all tensed up?"

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Is at 3/4 temp also where your fan kicks in? If so, check if unplugging the fan sensor has an effect.
Nice I can try that one eazy I swapped oem thermo for the 88c switch Quick to know if it's an issue, may be eating just enough amps to hook me.

Originally Posted by DirtJack View Post
After it stalls does it re-start? If not, do you hear the fuel pump prime sequence? If you don't hear it, I would suggest replacing the fuel pump. Your problem sounds similar to problems described in this FI thread. I replaced mine with the CA Cycleworks FP-HUS. Problem fixed. Many other 690 owners have reported good results with this pump and it is much cheaper than the OEM KTM pump.
I'm just going to order the CA pump right peace of mind plus r&r is such a gas. Thanks for the FI read - good stuff. I think I'm going to to rig up a pressure test on current pump. Bob or Crank wrote up some ideas a few pages back. Be interesting anyway. Maybe I'll get a geyser like the spilt filter show.

Originally Posted by dguevin View Post
Mine used to do that too!!.. It stopped doing it after a valve adjustment on my bike... I did also replace the fan swith for the suzuki ltz too over the same winter. What fixed it ?? I'd say the valves but with the new switch my fan kicks on around the 5th bar of heat out of 8 and rarely goes over 6 bars even if stopped for a while.
Not going to rule that out - haven't checked the valves. I did the fan switch swap too, kicks in quick. Spent an August week in Montreal and can assure you that generally it's warmer down here Cuz is a jazz drum major at McGill - will be skiing CA with him week after next. Fantastic town (and country) you have there.

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Nice write up & vid- and cool work space you have there - we'd like to check out some of those other bikes in the stable sometime.
Thanks, I'm ok with words and pics it's fix that don't come ez Workspace has some sweat in it. City living gots its goods but land ain't one. Propped up under the party deck on my hill. Been meaning to take some pics and post in the bike shed thread.

Other bikes is good news ifn you're a 690 owner The only one in there that doesn't have a fix list is the Duc.

ABuck edit: just proofreading and noted you're an airhead. I'm posting sos there too - got some R80gspd improves in action. Spokes with drum is a toaser lwb '73 June build beauty.

There is a pleasure in the pathed woods, There is a rapture in the smoking pipe, There is chaos, where none intrudes, in the deep dell, with its thrills roar; I love not nature less, but bikes the more. Byron riding.

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