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So I'm about a year and a half from (fingers crossed) being in a position to take the family for a 6+ week road trip around the US. Plan A was to rent an RV. Then it was suggested that we could probably buy one, take the trip, sell it at the end of the summer, and end up with less out of pocket than a rental. That was briefly Plan B. Further contemplation made me realize that I'll most likely have the flexibility to take 3-4 weeks away every summer, plus the occasional spring break/winter break/thanksgiving break weeks away, and an RV would really be a great way to show the kids the country. So Plan C is to buy, and then keep. I have great memories of traveling around the US and Canada with my aunt and uncle in theirs back in the day, and I know my daughters would love it.

But I'm not exactly rolling in the dough if you know what I mean. Financing will be involved, with all the restrictions that entails regarding the age of the vehicle, etc. So is it unrealistic to think that I could get a solid, reliable rig that could sleep four for around the $20,000 mark? I'm not interested in a trailer, I definitely want the basic comforts like AC, and I'd rather have something on the smaller side just for the sake of being maneuverable. Suggestions as to what specifically I should be looking for? Am I dreaming?

You can do it. Look in the RV Trader and on eBay and Craigslist for an early diesel pusher. The one caveat with this is that it's tough to get financing on an RV over 10 years old, or so I have heard.
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