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Originally Posted by TinMan207 View Post
#1 - done - by the previous owner - Racetech gold valves and heavier springs
Do you know what spring rates are in there?
#2 - done - also by the previous owner - Cogent rebuilt shock and spring
Cogent may have a record of the work ... could tell you spring rate/damping? Worth a phone call.
#3 - on my short list of new projects but doesn't really get the seat higher - I really liked the height of my son's DRZ, and that is sort of the impetus for this thought process
#4 - have a Renzaco seat, but It's not a "tall guy" version. It's a possible option down the road, but links would be a much cheaper option
I like Renazco seats for serious dirt bikes but they pretty much suck for touring or longer rides (more than 4 hours) My KTM and Husky buddies with Renazco seats are crying by days end. (10 hour day)
#5 - mmmm yeah, a possible option. I see a lot of guys doing this, but probably past my level of confidence at the moment - and again, more expensive than shorter links I assume.
#6 - The reason for this conversation, and I am grateful for your input.

I really don't need more ground clearance - and I don't ever expect to ride my DR in an Enduro. It does everything that I want it to do quite well. And to be honest my riding ability is a far greater impediment to where I go than the capabilities of the bike. I just like a tall (Inexpensive and durable) bike.

Sounds like the raising links will do the trick!
Good luck with it! Your DR sounds super trick. You got a good one!!

Thank you for your input!
Glad I could help out!
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