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Originally Posted by Nytelyte View Post
That pretty much sums my feelings pretty well, and I wrote mine before I read yours.

True. Everyone has lemons. I have bad days & I'm certain my code on those days isn't optimal.
However, the problems I've experienced with that car are epidemic of the line. Not one or two offs, but almost every one had the frozen starting solenoid (car disabling problem) and the door lock problem (kills battery, so car disabling problem), and on just about every single one of them the sunroof leaks (not car disabling, but damn annoying and interior ruining) and the plastic tracks deteriorate and break (not disabling, but an unsealed hole in the roof of your car is damn annoying, loud, and leaky). The crappy interior trim and fit/finish is a side issue that no other car I've ever had experienced, regardless of age or miles.
Skipping the sunroof option is a fast way to eliminate many a aging vehicle problem. Even if its just the standard dirt (or leaves and needles) in drain tube problem.
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