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Great stuff, everyone! Those pictures of the 'street nap' were hilarious! I've got a few photos from the evening at Punchaw Lake as well, so I'll post them up here for you all and try not to get ahead of the timeline...

Originally Posted by gpskevin View Post
So we had texted Kelly and told him where we would be camping. Kelly packed up his bike and rode out and met us at our camp.
I don't need much of a reason to get out... the weather was nice, the wife was working out of town, and I wanted to get out fishing. And it was great to see you all (minus Dave and Jeffrey, of course) on your way south.

Don't need much of a reason to get out and join friends for a ride when the road to meet you looks like this:

Plus a little gravel along the way...

I got to Punchaw Lake a couple hours before the rest of the gang and killed some time fishing. Caught a couple coarse fish (suckers) but no trout for dinner, unfortunately. At least the water was nice!

Soon enough I heard the distinctive sound of adventure twins (and Steve's single, too) so I headed back to shore. By the time I got back everyone had nearly finished setting up their tents.

Missy and a couple of the guys decided the water looked 'good enough' to have bath in... and away they went!

Being that this was to be the last night of camping for the group, there was no reason to hold back - I think at least half the bottle of fire starter was sacrificed to the camp fire gods and Missy had an inferno roaring in no time!

Once the flames died down, it was nice to just put your feet up and stare at the fire, mesmerized...

Great seeing you all again! Looking forward to the rest of the story!
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