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if your gonna do the mainland and not baja then
you'll enjoy that much more than 15/15D south plus the tolls start adding up real fast.

i then assume after Durango, you'll head into old town Mazatlan and find a place to stay for the next night. there is a guy on ADV who lives in Durango and another guy who has a rental in Maz

when you leave south from Maz, i'd pay for the toll road (15D -cuota) here as it's smooth and real fast concrete till you get off at the san blas exit & drop to the coast. make sure to fill up with gas as there is none on that section of toll road.

at that point you'll go through San Blas and you can check it out and stay if you want or continue south to Las Varas and then left on costal 200.

you see the right to Chacala after you leave Las Varas and by all means check it out and maybe spend a night here. Like i said this is the nicest beach in the whole region.

After that is maybe an hr to the turn to Sayulita. The Hotel Diamante - is the best hotel deal in town and last winter we convinced them to pave a ramp to their inner court yard so you can bring the bike in for the night. If you want to camp, the Cameron campground is around the corner with camping right at the beach, just be aware for gear security. If you do not camp here at least come for a drink as they have the coolest beach bar. After the run down to Sayulita most stay and chill for a few day and recharge. You may end up staying for a long time as it's that sweet of a beach town.

i could go on and on about things i've learned & how things work (it's 180 degrees opposite of the US) living south of the border but maybe latter.

Originally Posted by d_mob View Post
Alright then...

How about enter through Douglas then head south on 17/117 to San Nicolas (bypass hwy 14 and Hermosillo). Then east on 16 to a small road that heads southeast (28.339286 -107.440066 - through San Juanito, east of Copper Canyon, Guachochi, Balleza) ending in Hidalgo del Parral. From there head south on 45 to Durango. Then from Durango over to coast and follow the rest of planned route.

Seems like essentially the same distance overall, but would take much longer due to roads, curves, etc, etc, etc... I'm assuming it would be MUCH, much better than the boring semi-coastal highways from Nogales to Mazatlan as planned before.


PS... Thanks again for all your help! I'll owe you several beers and a meal after this. I have a HUGE map in front of me as we speak looking at routes alongside Google Maps and am using your advice while marking routes. :)
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