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The winter break did not go as planned, work meant I was away most of the time so bugger all got done.I did manage to upgrade the trailer for carting Winston, bit of welding, bit of riveting , a couple of cans of spray paint, $60 of sign writing & a Bunnings box & ' hey presto '

I took the head off for some porting . The expert took one look & said ' Hmm , best you find a new head ' . someone has opened up the inlet ports so that air flow hit this big open space & lost all speed into the motor. He quite rightly said this thing will be like a slug out of corners , we can weld up the ports to start again or find another head. I found a head to which he fitted Black Diamond valves & Kibblewhite springs , all the good stuff.
Mean time I had bought a set of 32mm carbs off Tardme & given them a birthday along with a set of cams that were reprofiled by Franklin cams. By the time I got my act together the Taupo round had gone but I was ready for HD, well sort of.

The Barry Sheene Festival began with practice on Saturday. Other than a run up & down my street Winston had not run since Taupo, Saturday was spent sorting jetting on the new carbs , fixing one carb that kept flooding due to a worn float needle & changing plugs from B8 to B10's . As Graeme Cole said ' Mate your racing, not riding on the road , fit colder plugs, easier said than done when you don't have any, Chris Hyland from Motomail to the rescue with a couple of his cast offs.
Sunday started off garbage weather wise & it was all down hill from there.
The first race was wet,

Then it got red flagged due to a crash , they restarted the race , this was a circus because noone knew what the hell was going on resulting Volty & I started from pit lane along with another slow learner

Then it really rained

I pulled off at the end of the first lap, the visor had fogged, water on the inside & the outside, no fun at all

It just kept on raining

Some of us sat in it

Some of us sang in it

Racing was running well behind , when they called our second race there was thunder & lightening. A higher authority said ,' you are not racing in that ', I love upper management. Then racing was suspended . thank goodness, it was crazy out there.
Sunday was fine, 2 races by early afternoon , dry track , life's good

On to Manfield, lets have a road trip

Practice was, surprise surprise , Wet

Sorry some of these are repeats

Racing on Sunday was fine but windy

Winston went pretty well, he got a miss on full throttle down the back straight into the wind but was fine on full throttle down the front straight with the wind. Buggered if I know.

Brent & Graeme were having their first race meeting & just finding their way, I think both Volty & I took a shine to them, hey that was us a few months back, now we're old hands .

Then the long drag home

So that was the first season of racing

All in all I'm very happy the bike survived, I survived & learnt a lot. I met some great people & had a ball . Huge thanks to my wife & daughter for their support & Volty for his camradeship

There is plenty to work on in 3 main areas

1/ The rider , he is bloody slow, as Graeme Cole said ' you gotta grow some balls , get that corner speed up, you cut lap tmes more by riding harder than by getting more horsepower ' . He added ' it's hard for us old buggers because our sense of self preservation kicks in ' . I must be bloody old

2/ Greame Cole again, put another disc on get those brakes working & sort the handling

3/ Everyone else says their Bonnie is standard , ' Yeah right'. Winston needs more power, to that end Winston is once again a bench jockey

Let battle commence

The weapon of choice . Blingy Bits

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