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:Afew weeks ago i was going camping,had all my gear on my bike,got pulled over for doing 51 in a 35 zone(little town in the country)a PA state trooper pulled me over ,took all my info ,came back told me i wasn't riding erratically,had on all the gear and was polite,he let me go for speeding and wrote me up for FAILURE TO OBEY TRAFFIC CONTROL DEVICES($81.00) he told me 3 or 4 times everything was being recorded and he was only doing his job,cool cop and i was wrong,it was my fault,i wasn't paying attention.
I couldn't out run him as i was on a KLR
If it stops raining now, i'll be pissed!(BEANTOP)

It's mostly Dan........I knew he couldn't keep a secret(SCOTTY P)
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