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Originally Posted by randyo View Post
must be the fact that I have great grandchildren that has been a halo around my helmet

I've received warnings a half dozen times for speeds in excess of a ton, and none of them were on the highway, all in 30-40mph zones

one time it went like this (on a group ride 5 other riders all on liter bikes I was on a nekid SV650, we had pulled into a small parking lot and were taking our helmets off to discuss our route when a leo pulled in behind us )

"Alright boys, I know your dressed for it, but this is not a race track, I had you going 85 in a 30 when you went out of my radar range and I know you were going a hell of a lot faster than that"(My speedo on the SV was clearing 115 and the liter bikes war ½mile + ahead of me prolly closer to 150 maybe faster than that) then pointing his finger at me " YOU, twice in one week, ya gotta slow down" I had received a warning for 55 (managed to slow from 80± when my radar detector sounded) in the same 30mph zone form the same leo just 3 days earlier
100+in a 30 isn't something i'd be braggin about. it tells me loud and clear you're an idiot and an asshole. and when you get creamed i hope you live so that the innocent driver that made that left turn in front of you doesn't have to live with the guilt of your death. that exact scene happened in fargo a couple years ago. squid doing 100 plus in a 30 16 year old girl pulls out and he gets killed. messed her up.

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