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I've had the 60's on my KLR for quite a while------forget HID---forget Halogen--these make daylight out of dark

Rode my new Husqvarna TR650 Terra last night in the dark-------never do that again.
Frickin' deer everywhere.

I just ordered another pair------they are awesome.
Thanks for your business!

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While I have read a good portion of this thread, I still need to ask this: In a strictly street application will a pair of 44's with a dimmer set-up to go lower power on low beam still annoy oncoming drivers?
No, I run the lights on several vehicles as a DRL and no issues thus far.

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I don't plan on aiming the lights too high as I really want more light off to the sides ( on my twisty road commute I have blind apex points right now with stock headlight, staring into a black hole). I don't want to turn the lights off completely when oncoming traffic approaches as I am totally lost then. I know they don't have any sort of "cut-off" so I'm wondering if anybody has feedback on this. I'd like to know how they work with fog too (in a dimmed mode with low beam) as it is always a winter early morning problem here. This will be used on a DRZ400sm, so not stellar lighting to begin with. Thanks.
The lights don't perform very well as a "fog" light as the light tends to get reflected. They will however fill in all the gaps and allow you to see through corners.

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I did it really simple and didn't use the dimmer. Some would say this is not recommended I suppose, but I simply tied into the wire going to the high beam--------right at the headlight bulb plug------and powered the lights from there. It works perfectly and the LED's come on with the regular high beam. Wires are always oversized a bit and I think this is fine.

I'll do the same with the Husky.

The dimmer provides good visibility when on low beam as Sanjoh recommends----but I just didn't go that way.
I"ve ridden with him and seen his setup --------really nice.

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