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Originally Posted by acejones View Post
I like Tampico, but I like Veracruz better. However, since distance to the border is important to you, Tampico would be a better fit. I wouldn't really consider summer temps moderate, though.

Tend to agree totally, although it's sorta 6 of one and a half dozen of the other. I have never been to Veracruz although I did make it down to Santa Ana with Arte and Andres a few years ago. Once you cross the river at Tampico the vegetation changes dramatically to really dark greens and that part of the country is beautiful. If the OP gets to Tampico you might ride down to the Costa Esmerelda and Tuxpam and just check things out and decide. It's an extra day but looks awfully nice.

If I could find a place to park a decent travel trailer and truck I'd give spending some time down there some serious thought. A few years ago I ran into a Canadian who had cut a deal with a beachfront hotel for long-term lodging at something like $6/night on the understanding that he did his own laundry and didn't expect daily maid service. He told me that he hoped to convert a school bus to carry a motorcycle and to return the next year and to hook up at the same place. I would love to find out if he was successful.
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