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Originally Posted by dcstrom View Post
Found out yesterday how expensive the Cuota can be... took the libre road south of Mazatlan, but then after a while figured I needed to make some time. Got on the Cuota halfway to Tepic, Motos posted at 43 pesos but I was only charged 21. That was right according to the 50% reduction talked about a while ago. Next toll booth motos were posted at 90 pesos - no worries I thought, it will be 45. Nope, 90, and the woman either didn't understand my questions, or the correct rate really was 90. Sixty KM down the road there's another toll booth, this time with motos posted at 45 peso, and it was obvious the sign had just been updated. Seem to me that the 90 peso charged previously was a mistake and should have been 45, so showed the receipt to the guy that had just charged me 45, and he said the 90 was correct.

So if the 90 was correct, that means it cost me 156 pesos for 94km. I won't be doing that again any time soon!
Yep. The last time I rode that section of cuotas, (long before the reduction in tarifa), I finally jumped off at Rosamalia and headed south. I still remember three young boys running home barefooted along the libramiento carrying three pretty big iguanas. Dinner would be a good one that evening. Since then I've always opted for the libramientos over the cuotas when feasible. So much more to see, and so much less expensive.
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