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Originally Posted by Sock Monkey View Post

I had the same experience when I went shopping for a bike to replace my BMW F650GS Dakar. Walked into the local HD/Buell shop (Livermore, CA) and there sat a Ulysses, off in the corner. What a GREAT looking bike! There were no less than 4 sales people standing around the showroom with no one else in there, and not one bothered to come over and even talk with me. They treated the bike like it was diseased, staying as far away from it as possible. I finally walked over and asked one of them what they could tell me about it, and their reply was "I don't know anything about it, I sell Harleys". I turned and walked out. A few weeks later I bought a new BMW R1200 GS......

+1 - I felt like I was in one of those Star Trek episodes where someone has moved to another dimension. I could see all the sales people but I seemed to be completely invisible to them (and this is in the head office showroom of the Canadian Harley importer, Trev Deeley). If the importer's staff won't sell the Buells, what is the chance that the average dealer will?

When I moved over and sat on a HOG, I immediately became visible to the sales guys. When I said that I was actually interested in the Buells and not the Sportster, I instantly became invisible again.
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