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Originally Posted by Landro View Post
I was bit nervous about the pot stability though. Gonna have to experiment with a stand/support that still allows the pot to seal the top of the stove and pressurize the jets.
Teaser: Another inmate is currently working on a stand/windscreen to work with the SteverStove.

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A quick comment about fuel. I know you recommend methyl alcohol (hydrate, HEET, etc.) as the best and cleanest burning. And I certainly have used it with success in the Trianga. However, I have read in a couple of places now that it is very toxic (most notably the Zen Stoves website; a must read if you are interested in alky stoves IMHO) . Even the fumes from burning are supposedly bad in your food and water (and not just the CO that burning any organic creates). So I decided to stick with denatured ethanol which allegedly is less toxic and has a slightly better BTU per liter content. Got a nice big 4 liter jug of 98-99% ethanol from Canadian Tire for cheap (it's used as a fireplace fuel and can be found in that section for our Canadian readers).
First I've heard of Methyl being unhealthy. I will look into this as I don't want to recommend something bad.
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