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hi been lurking for a while and reading up on what to do!

bought this 99 bike with 30,000miles, ex Police bike for 800

got 87 CR500 cartridge forks and RD03 swinger, plus '83 CR250 shocker, so it'll all happen slowly

managed to get a bit done today!

sold loads on ebay, fairing, bars, etc for over 300!!!!

so bought loads too

the transalp exhaust was rotten and i'd always planned for it to go, bit when i removed it actually broke off from the header!

especially pleased with the replacement titanium Gixxer pipe for 11.20 delivered! half the weight too at only 3kg

talking of weightloss i've actually taken 23.5kg off it!
but replacements for some parts only adding 3.8kg, but fairing and a new headlamp will add to this

got the CR forks/XR yokes in today, had to drill and tap some lock stops, but fairly straightforward.
Pleased to find the Transalp progressive springs were longer than the CR ones!
But removing the CR spacer makes em fit with a bit of preload. Trying 5w oil and 120mm air gap.
Oil removed was pretty clean for the age of the forks.

more next week and over chrimbo
Dirty R30 CCM
Filty 404 CCM
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