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Originally Posted by team ftb View Post
Jesusgatos - As I posted earlier, I am a huge proponent of whittiling a toolkit down to its minimum packing bulk and weight and go to decent lengths to due it with my own tool kit. So I appreciate any efforts taken to accomplish this goal, such as what you and your brither are doing. Awesome.

You ask "Where do you use box-end wrenches that you couldn't get at with a socket"? I dont have a formal list or anything but a couple would be my radiator shrouds are secured by a nut and bolts and need a wrenh for the bolts, fuel petcock, as mentioned earlier chain adjuster bolts, rear brake adjuster, gear shift lever, and valve cover removal etc. . You get the idea. These are all places I have needed to reach on my rides, not just major bike overhaul stuff in the garage Now out of habit I always use the box end if at all posible as I'm always scared of rounding the bolt and nuts. But thats just me and an open end wrench would have no issues with those. Oh forgot the most obvious bolt I use a wrench on is the oil drain bolt, yes a socket would work but I find I can misalign a socket pretty easy (my fault) as they are at a strange angle..

Regarding additional torque needed as I am getting to grips with stubby wrenches I am using the two wrench method more than with normal wrenches. Kind of hard do without a box end.

Currently bikes I need my tools for are KTM and Yamaha dirt bikes but the tool kit has been used on all makes due to peoples toolkits been lacking or packed too deeply it was quicker to use mine. One of the benefits of the Motion Pro MP tool (once modified) is that it caarries handily in my Camelbak. Jesus maybe my kTM has some different fasteners? On my 06 525 the chain adjuster was 10/13, on my 2011 250 its 10/12 FYI so keep that in mind if getting newer KTM's, also my rear shock bottom bolt is 12.

One of the reasons I never went with the Husky Ratchet wrench is i was worried the 1/4" drive adapter would conistently fall out of the wrench during usage, changing sockets etc.. Could people with this piece chime in with their experiences to this concern? I've never handled one so clueless and have kept my tried and true stuff but always interested in another option if better than what I currently utilize.
I haven't used the 1/4 adapter. I'll play with it today and report back.
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