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Originally Posted by team ftb View Post
One of the reasons I never went with the Husky Ratchet wrench is i was worried the 1/4" drive adapter would conistently fall out of the wrench during usage, changing sockets etc.. Could people with this piece chime in with their experiences to this concern? I've never handled one so clueless and have kept my tried and true stuff but always interested in another option if better than what I currently utilize.
Have been using one for about four years now (purchased after reading about it in this thread) and it's still in perfect working order. Use my 'trail' tools to work on my bike, pretty much exclusively, so quite a bit of use. Little thing is deceptively strong. No idea how much torque it can actually hold, but have had to put a rag around the handle before on occasion when I would be cranking on a something so hard the handle (thin blade) would start to hurt my fingers. Can even remember slipping a cheater bar over it once or twice, and would guess that I've put more than 125ft/lbs into it!
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