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I am aware that weight on the front wheel seriously affects the handling and heavy feel in steering, but I guess I kind of always assumed that was all weight on the front end not just on the forks. Interesting input.

It seems like a bigger frame mounted fairing would usually weigh a bit more than a fairing/mask set up on the forks so the overall front end weight would be even more, but it sounds like you are saying that the added weight right on the forks/bars make the steering itself heavy. Food for thought.

My only real comparison on that topic is neglegable. Most of my DS bikes have all be more MX based DS bikes with a very small light weight plastic mask and headlight that was not much heavier than an MX number plate. Mine are usually a more Baja Designs style that do not even have a metal frame and glass headlight like some more street oriented DS bikes.

That kind of sways me back to a frame mount set up and low fender, but still weighing it all out and doing some brain designing...

Thanks for some new input on the original topic
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