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that's twice now that you've put words in my mouth. I did not use the word bumbling. please afford me the decency of not trying to skew my position by incorrectly restating it with your own words.

I've made no judgements about fat clumsy girls' riding abilities vs. those of hot, elite athletes with riding experience. but since you've brought it up, yes, I would be more concerned for the reaction times of a known clumsy person riding a motorcycle.

you've clearly rolled over the main point I was making in the beginning in which I was saying that I can see this from both sides, and not sure how I would respond were I one of the guys whose girlfriend or wife wanted a bike of her own. it seems that you've instead focused on what you've mistakenly taken as a wishy-washy position and perceived criticism and judgement against women riders, and probably women in general. and for what? because I said I'm not sure how I'd feel about a girlfriend or wife riding, talked a little about it, and then gave you a supportive thumbs up for saying, hey I'm a girl and here's an example of how I genuinely ride for myself? so what? I thought it was cool, interesting, refreshing and surprising for your post to come at the end of a thread I'd just read, which was full, mostly, of my own familiar position of worry/concern for women riders well being - nothing about their abilities - and it changed my mind a little.

and yes, agreed, I did think earlier this morning about the reverse aspect and it was something I never really much considered before. it's probably because it's easier to trust one's own assessment of his/her own abilities than it is to trust the judgement of a rider who is just starting out and all the other variables.
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