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Originally Posted by AtlasExp View Post
I am looking for a list of tools for DRZ400s 05. Any info or links? Thanks in advance to my friends DRZiers!
8, 10, 12 and 14mm sockets and whrenches, pliers, allen wrenches,(thandle, you only need a couple) adjustable wrench. A 24mm iirc socket for the cs nut.

If you want to completly tear apart the bike, youll only need a couple of more sockets, one for the swing arm nut, a breaker bar, a torque wrench, thats about it.

I typically use only 1 or 2 different sockets (10 and 12mm, a 14 for the oils drain bolt, a 8mm here and there. And one size allen wrenc ( i dont recall the size) anything else i use for one specific bolt, so i sually have to fish around the bottom of the tool box for the big socket or the allen wrench.

If you do your own tire changes, get 2 long tire spoons.

Trail bag.

12,14 mm wrench
8,10,12, 14 mm sockets
Small drive
Sm. Flat and phillipsmscrew driver (which you dont need if you swap out the 2-3 phillips screws, only used for the clamps

Metal putty, some zip ties, some electrical tape an extra fuse, two tire irons, a length of chain and a chain breaker
Spare master link clips, needle nose pliers.
Adjustable wrench (sm make sure it goes to 24mm, this is for the front and rear wheel bolts)
Youl pretty much use the same 2-3 sockets over and over, so buy a good drive, a good 8,10,12 and 14mm socket. Everything else will be used ocassionally.

Im sure theres 1 or 2 things i missed, but theyre specialty items, used once in a blue moon.
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