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I usually carry enough tools to work on most anything on my bike but my big dilema is what good are the tools if you need parts to fix something? I have changed my tools to more of a rig it back together to get me somewhere that I can actually repair something. Added jb weld type stuff, bailing wire, zip ties, duct tape, bars leaks, super glue etc. and ditched a lot of wrenches/sockets that are of no use without having replacement parts.
I think this is something often overlooked - riders carry enough mechanical tools to do an engine overhaul, but don't carry anything to repair a broken shift level or bungee cord a broken pannier to the bike.

And about 90% of the problems you have on the road are in two areas: tires and electrical. I've fixed tens of tire problems, and had three ignition switches fail on my or my buddie's bikes over hundreds of thousands of touring miles, but I've never had a serious engine issue of any sort. Never even had to replace a spark plug.

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