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I was once stopped for doing 40-45 in a 25mph residential zone. In my defense, the road I was on, Thunderbird in Phx is 45 everywhere but a two block stretch which is designated residential, hence the 25 and I just flat missed the sign; had never been on that stretch before.

The officer was very polite after he got me pulled over. Said he blipped his siren at me when he was a block behind me...I didn't hear it. Then he pulled about a car length behind me and did it again; that I heard! Startled the shit out of me. I was wearing foam ear plugs. I pulled over immediately of course, turned the bike off, raised the front of my modular helmet and when he came up to me and started talking, I motioned that I couldn't hear him and asked if I could get off the bike and he said "Yes of course". I then removed my helmet and removed ear plugs. He explained the speed he'd clocked me at and the fact that I was 15-20 over the posted limit. I explained that I'd missed the sign and was riding (what I thought) was the posted limit. He suggested I not wear ear plugs in town because it's important to hear sirens, etc. I thanked him. He never even asked to see my license. I was geared up, respectful and not riding recklessly, so he let me skate!
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