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Dampener Mount Up: Phase 2

In the first phase, I was able to fit up the dampener and get a rough idea how it all fits together. Phase 2 is the location and mounting of the weld on post. Start by removing fuel tank, seat and anything directly in the way.



Careful measuring showed I would need to remove .50 inch from the post;

Post length before;

Post length after;

Cut accomplished with Luke's cut off saw;

High tech locating system for spot weld consisted of black tape, wood screw and gravity;

Spot welded in place, needed to be fairly vertical (side to side and front to back) and the tip of the guide post centered in dampener arm. Not perfect but serviceable;

Next step is to disassemble for finish welding. Tacking is ok assembled & neccessary for locating parts, but the full weld process would burn up bearings, seals and possibly the wiring.

Before disassembly;

After disassembly;

I still need to remove the ignition switch before welding, but did not have the correct torx bit for that. Phase 3 will be finish weld, touching up the paint, and reassembly. Not sure if these handlebars are going to work, the center bar clears the dampener but does not allow the slow speed adjustment to fully rotate. Also am considering going through the fork legs while they are off. Pondering installing "gold valves", anyone have experience with installation and performance improvement with them?
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