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I bought my Silverwing about two years ago. Ran great, had a good time with it, but kept jonesing for another motorcycle. I found a BMW R1100R on CL at a good price, went over and looked it and bought it. The SWing went back into a corner in the garage and promptly got ignored. I started riding the R and put the SWing on CL. Had a lousy offer for the SWing on CL, so it just continued to sit there and I rode the BMW...but the more I rode the R, the more I realized that I simply could NOT get comfortable on that bike. My legs would cramp up within 10 miles, I found the seat very uncomfortable and the bend in my knees excessive and the wind buffetting around the original windshield and the replacement I got for it was excessive. I put on footpeg lowering blocks and raised the seat all the way joy. I researched the possibility of a Sargent, Corbin or Russell seat, but ultimately decided that I was not about to sink another $500 in the bike , HOPING that that would solve the problem.

Bottom line? The BMW got sold, the SWing came out of hiding and got a complete going over and I'm really, really glad I didn't sell the SWing. No doubt that the BMW will be a good bike for someone...but not me. I learned the hard way to really value the SWing in particular and maxi-scooters in general.

I guess I'm saying that I've read through this thread from beginning to end and it seems to me that you're having a ball on the Zuma. Not taking anything away from the Versys, but it would be sad to dump the Zuma and find out that you really miss it and wish you hadn't sold it. I'd advise you to keep it, if it's within your financial ability to do it.

Good luck with your decision.
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