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Originally Posted by UngaWunga View Post
anyone install heated handgrips on a Husa? How'd you wire them up?
It has been a while, so I don't remember all of the details, but here are a few thoughts to consider...

I have a 2010 FE450, so these comments apply to that bike.

There was an unused connector down below the battery. This is for auxiliary power. If you look closely at this photo, you can see two connectors to the right of the disconnected fuel sensor cable. The one on the right has a blue and a brown wire coming out. Those are my power wires going up to the headlight area. The wiring harness in this area is really tight, so you have to be careful so wires don't get pinched. I later wrapped these wires with an old tire tube.

Here is the grip heater kit I bought. I actually installed a set on all of my kid's bikes as well. The wires are really weak. Almost every one broke on our first ride. I replaced them with some automotive grade wires. I have had some switches fail as well. At first I tried the mini-toggle switch from Radio Shack, but it couldn't handle the vibration and failed. I also added an LED so I can tell when the heaters are on.

I later learned of a different brand heater kit that has a beefier left heater to compensate for it being directly on the handlebar, which sucks the heat out.

I installed a piece of heat shrink (from Home Depot) on the left grip to provide some insulation. That worked well, and it makes the bar a little larger which is nice for long fingers. But I had to use a throttle side grip to fit over it, which meant I had to buy two sets of grips.

Here is a photo of the grips installed, with the wires hanging loose. It also shows my first attempt at a switch/LED/key panel which I later replaced.

Then carefully route the wires to the headlight area and cable tie them off. Be sure the throttle side has plenty of clearance for full throttle control without the wire snagging on anything. I cable tied it to the grip for added security.

Then just hook it up as explained in the instructions and cram the extra wires in behind the headlight.
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